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Kuan Min Huang

Designer / Illustrator


Hello, I am a designer and illustrator working in animation industry for 7 years. I enjoyed home cook meals and daily life observation. When I take a break, I like to travel, read books  and take photography to inspire my art creation. 

My past work client / studios included:

  • - JamFilled -Netflix show: Final Space season 2 / Bubble Guppies

  • - Nelvana 

  • - House of Cool - Apple TV: pretzel and the puppies

                                    - Netflix(Mattel): He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

  •  Spin Master - Freelance development project

  • WildBrain/ DHX - Netflix show: Ninjago series

  • Mainframe Studios - Freelance on Barbie production as character designer


Photoshop / ToonBoom Harmony / Blender / AfterEffect



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